Proactive Glocalization

With the large variety of platforms out there, ASHAKO swims in the sea sector of publisher classifieds with a remodeled thinking, Proactive Glocalization.

ASHAKO proactively glocalizes the promotion of goods and services to expand the reach of buyers and sellers between each other locally and globally. According to research, a seller can unlock an additional 40% of value when glocalizing their trade or activity, while a buyer unlocks nearly 80% when doing so. When mixing local business with global potential, individuals can unlock the greater value with each other.

Everyone’s proactive marketplace

Do you know John from Uganda who is looking for a long term supplier of textile? Or Omar from Dubai who is looking for a long term supplier of economic vehicles and auto accessories?

As a supplier of goods or services, you also can search to find your buyer on ASHAKO who may be few miles away than the obsolete way of just waiting for a call from a potential buyer.

Grow from home

Whether you have a small business or freelance as a service provider, on ASHAKO you can expand your reach without any cost. Find your first customers worldwide with us, we’ll help you in the journey.

Refer and get

Refer your family and friends to ASHAKO and get a free featured ad for free. Did you know that featured ads get nearly 10x more traffic than normal ads, from people both within and outside ASHAKO, where closing deals are much faster?

Growing our community is highly appreciated that soon we will be launching draws to win valuable prizes for users who will refer the highest amount of active users. Have someone who wants to glocalize their ads? We’re always here.

Risk free featuring

ASHAKO provides a risk-free guarantee for featuring ads. Featured ads that don’t get a higher amount of traffic or impressions can request their full refunds.

Value of smart matching

The system on ASHAKO smartly detects and identifies the best matches for you are looking for in goods or services. Its recommendation is built upon large data sets that ensures accurate screening of ads. Looking for more value? Search and surf to find the buyer or seller.

Free premium support services

ASHAKO’s premium support services helps users around the clock for free to advise, recommend, and find the best matches within ASHAKO or outside.